Virtual domain tools

These tools were written when I was using sendmail to try and deliver mail to virtual domains. Sendmail is now history, but some of these tools remain useful anyway.

The virtual domains used by these tools (and by postoffice) are the same sort that vm-pop3d uses; mailboxes go into /var/spool/virtual/domain/user; the password file is /etc/virtual/domain/passwd, and the aliases file is /etc/virtual/domain/aliases. All the active domains are listed in /etc/, in the form domain-owner-login:domain-name[:active flag]. When a domain owner logs in, they can change accounts and aliases by simply invoking vpasswd and valias; those programs will look into /etc/ to find the correct domain to manipulate.

To build vpasswd, do ./ make make install

The usual crop of configure options are available, plus a few vpasswd specific-ones:

  1. --newaliases tells valias the path to the newaliases program so it can run it after changing a valias record.
  2. --vuser is the user who manages the virtual hosts. This needs to be the user you configured to be the owner of your vpopd and Postoffice installations. You may specify the vuser as a user name, a username, a period, and a group name, a userid, or a userid , a period, and a group id (default: mail)
  3. --vhost defines where the vhost configuration, password, and alias files live.
  4. --vspool is where vhost mail is stored (default: $spooldir/virtual)

Source Code

vpasswd 0.3

Vpasswd is not a very fast moving target, nor is it very popular; when I wrote it, it built on SLS Linux, Mastodon Linux, and FreeBSD. But, apparently, nobody ever tested it except me, and a large pile of single-machine dependencies never got weeded out.

Version 0.3 attempts to correct those features.

vpasswd 0.2
These tools don’t move very much; they do only a very few things, and thus they don’t need many revisions. vpasswd went up to version 0.2, then simply stalled for lack of bugs or new features.
post 1
Post was officially dead and forgotten, or so I thought. But in February 2008, after post had been left lying untouched for five years, I received patches from Stas Degteff that added manual pages plus tweaks to the code so it compiles on modern super-picky systems. And that calls for a new release of the zombie code, which I’m codenaming “130 fortnights later” but I’m releasing as version 1.
post (no version number)

The oldest source is in post.tar.gz (no version number, configure script, or anything. These are not as heavily used as postoffice so I’ve not yet cleaned them up or documented them.)

The post tarball contains

  • post.m4 – A sendmail mailer to use in your
  • post.c – The virtual domain mailbox delivery agent. It has limited support for aliases (it will alias one local name to another, but it will not forward mail to a different domain) and it knows about …
  • vpasswd.c – the program that actually adds, lists, and changes the password for users in a virtual domain. When invoked as valias, it manipulates the alias file for that virtual domain.