A very little known machine: a Krupp prototype diesel-hydraulic locomotive, 2 x 1,000 HP, that was built in 1952 and delivered to the N.O.B. in 1954. Axle arrangement: A1A, maximum speed: 80 km/h. It was the first diesel locomotive to run in the N.O.B. However, only one unit was built, as this machine revealed to be unsuitable for use at the N.O.B. lines. The distance between axles in this locomotive was very short. So, the pressure of the wheels due from the weight of the machine sometimes forced excessively the tracks, widening the distance between them and making the locomotive to derail. There is no information about what was done with this machine after its retirement from commercial service at N.O.B.; apparently it was returned to the manufacturer, as this also apparently occurred to a similar model supplied to the E.F. Vitória-Minas. Copy courtesy of Rudi Heinisch, from Munich, Germany.

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