Even fifteen years after the delivery of the first V8 loco to Companhia Paulista this wonderful machine was still used by G.E. in its ads to boast the excellency of its products. The title of this ad - published in the February 1955 Brazilian edition of Selections of the Readers Digest - is Transportando o Progresso ("Transporting the Progress"). Note that some coffee tree branchs appear in the figure of this ad, a citation to the one of the most important goods transported by Companhia Paulista - and, by the way, the reason of its creation. And, indeed, coffee producers were one of the main customers of this railroad up to 1975, when a major frost destroyed almost all coffee plantations in São Paulo state - and things were never the same again. This copy is courtesy of Jorge Alves Ferreira Jr., from Juiz de Fora MG.

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