FEPASA tried, during the late eighties, to revival a good passenger service. Several Pullman-Standard carbon steel and Budd-Mafersa 800 series stainless steel cars were revamped for this purpose. This refurbishment was not completely successful: the new livery did not pleased the hard-to-die fans, as well the new seats and internal decoration, that was simpler than the sophisticated design of the original cars. Certainly, for economy purposes, this revamping used standard bus components, including the internal lamps and seats! But, worst of all, this new service had a short life, as FEPASA was not able to comply with the new timetables. They were not ambitious, but the railroad line standards were poor even to comply with the 1950's timetables. This photo shows a train composed of Budd-Mafersa 800 series stainless steel passenger cars near Lapa station, little after its departure from the Luz station, in São Paulo. This photo was shot in the late eighties, just after the beginning of the new FEPASA passenger services, by Cid José Beraldo, from São Paulo SP, who kindly sent a copy to these pages.

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